Ongoing Classes Monthly Payment Plan 3 Payment Plan (Sept. Dec. March)
1 class weekly $68 $189
2 classes weekly $132 $381
3 classes weekly $192 $561
4 classes weekly $248 $729
5 classes weekly $300 $885
6 classes weekly $348 $1029
unlimited classes $392 $1161

Single class (adults only): $18

Tuition Policies

Tuition is based on the Year-Long Academic Season – from September to June. It can be paid in 9 monthly installments or at a $15 discount in 3 installments. The season contains 36 weeks including 3 vacation weeks

Monthly Payment Plan – Payments are due September 10 and the tenth of the month thereafter regardless of number of weeks in the month

3 Payment Plan – Payments are due September 10, December 10 and March 10

The three payment discount will not be honored of payment is late.

Dance card: Adults may purchase a dance card of 10 classes for $175, good for three months

Late fee: $5 per month after the 20th of the month. Bills are sent for late payments only.

Family discount: Each additional family member will receive a 10% discount on tuition

No Refunds. No credit given towards tuition for missed classes. Missed classes can be made up anytime between September and May. The summer program is separate.

$20 charge for all returned checks

School Holidays

Thanksgiving weekend
2 weeks December
1 week March
Memorial Day